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The sheepwagon is a marvel of practicality and efficiency.  Designed to provide shelter, heat, mobility and storage on the open rangelands of the western U.S., the sheepwagon was the ideal home for the herder.  Approximately eleven and a half feet long and six and half feet wide, the traditional design on the sheepwagon with the placement of such defining interior features as bed, wood burning stove, table, benches, and storage space had been standardized by 1900, just sixteen years after its invention in central Wyoming, just three hours west of our ranch.  Our wagons date back to those early years, providing authenticity with comfort.  Learn more about sheepwagons from Sheepwagon: Home on the Range by Nancy Weidel, High Plains Press.

The sheepwagon is in a peaceful, serene setting situated at least ¼ mile, and as much as 1 mile from where your vehicle will be parked and left.  Access to your wagon will be by foot.  Transportation by an ATV can be arranged under special circumstances or for emergency purposes.  Your personal belonging needs (toothbrush, camera, appropriate clothing for the current weather conditions, hiking boots, hat, sunscreen, etc.) food, drinking water and ice can be hauled to the wagon for you or if you prefer to see absolutely no one during your stay you can pack it in on your own back (pack boards provided).  You will provide and prepare your food to your taste. You have tasted nothing better than your own biscuits from the sheepwagon oven. You can purchase these provisions in Chadron upon your arrival or, if you prefer, your hosts can have them ready for you following your specific requests and billed to you.

Water for washing and bathing is from a nearby stock water tank while drinking water will be hauled to the wagon from the ranch house well for your use.   A ten-gallon cooler (ice chest) is provided for cold storage.  You must purchase ice depending upon your needs.  Prepare for a dry, clean, restful stay.

We provided linens, towels, cook ware, and utensils.  Lanterns, sun shower, and porta-potty are also provided.